Commit 5595432e authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Fix an off-by-one error in extra-partition space skipping.

Also, print out some of the additional info in debug mode.
parent 61c34c98
......@@ -990,6 +990,12 @@ read_image(int fd)
if (debug) {
int i;
fprintf(stderr, "Disk: start %12d, size %12d\n",
0, dsize);
fprintf(stderr, "Usable: start %12d, size %12d\n",
disk.lodata, disk.hidata - disk.lodata + 1);
fprintf(stderr, "Partition range: start %12d, size %12d\n",
disk.losect, disk.hisect - disk.losect + 1);
fprintf(stderr, "%s Partitions:\n", bbstr);
for (i = 0; i < MAXSLICES; i++) {
struct sliceinfo *sinfo;
......@@ -1077,7 +1083,7 @@ read_image(int fd)
bbstr, losect - dlow, dlow);
if (hisect < dhigh) {
addskip(hisect, dhigh-hisect);
addskip(hisect+1, dhigh-hisect);
if (dowarn > 1)
warnx("%s: skipping %lu sectors at %u",
bbstr, (unsigned long)(dhigh - hisect),
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