Commit 5582d614 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Gather statistics for pclasses

parent 2c2c262a
......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@ setglobals();
my ($topinfo,$ptopinfo) = readfileinfo();
my (@pnode_time, @vnode_time, @plink_time, @vlink_time);
my (@pnode_time, @vnode_time, @plink_time, @vlink_time, @feature_time,
# Loop through every test, gathering stats
......@@ -40,16 +41,21 @@ foreach my $test (enumeratetests()) {
my $top = top($test);
my $ptop = ptop($test);
my $time = $$assigninfo{'runtime'};
my $pclasses = $$assigninfo{'pclasses'};
my $topnodes = $$topinfo{$top}{'nodes'};
my $toplinks = $$topinfo{$top}{'links'};
my $ptopnodes = $$ptopinfo{$ptop}{'nodes'};
my $ptoplinks = $$ptopinfo{$ptop}{'links'};
my $topfds = $$topinfo{$top}{'fds'};
my $ptopfds = $$ptopinfo{$ptop}{'fds'};
push @pnode_time, [$ptopnodes, $time];
push @vnode_time, [$topnodes, $time];
push @plink_time, [$ptoplinks, $time];
push @vlink_time, [$toplinks, $time];
push @feature_time, [$ptopfds, $time];
push @pclass_time, [$pclasses, $time];
} else {
print "NOTICE: Test $test failed, skipping\n";
......@@ -61,3 +67,5 @@ write_sortedfile(statfile("pnode_time"), \@pnode_time);
write_sortedfile(statfile("vnode_time"), \@vnode_time);
write_sortedfile(statfile("plink_time"), \@plink_time);
write_sortedfile(statfile("vlink_time"), \@vlink_time);
write_sortedfile(statfile("feature_time"), \@feature_time);
write_sortedfile(statfile("pclass_time"), \@pclass_time);
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