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No Notable New News at this time ...
<img src="gallery/thumb/front_shot.jpg">
We've put up a <a href="/gallery/gallery.php3">gallery</a>
containing pictures of the construction of our new nodes.
From: Jay Lepreau <>
Subject: 128 more PC nodes on their way; feedback
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 03:12:46 MDT
Hi folks,
We are adding 128 more PCs to expand our hardware resources; their
configuration is appended. They have started showing up and will be
installed over the next few weeks, giving 168 PCs total.
Many or all of the 160 Sharks will be down while this is happening,
because we have to move them out of the way. In parallel (!) our
machine room is being expanded; we expect almost no
downtime due to that.
We've completed a re-engineering of much of the guts of the emulab
software, enabling many features and flexibility. In later messages
or Web page updates we'll announce new software features as they are
developed, other news, and polls.
Please send any feedback and suggestions to
or myself, eg on the user interface, docs, software, hardware, desired
features or hardware, support, whatever. It is only through
(typically critical) feedback, especially on the UI and docs, that we
learn what works and what doesn't.
128 new nodes:
850Mhz P3
512M ECC memory
old reliable BX chipset (like the existing nodes, 100 Mhz bus)
40G 7200rpm IDE disk (IBM Deskstar 60gxp)
5 Intel Pro/100+ network interfaces
2 on board
1 on a single Intel card
2 on a dual Intel card (with a PCI bridge)
No video at all
serial console
These are Intel ISP1100s,, but they come only
with motherboard, so the URL doesn't tell you everything.
Connecting all these will be 2.7 miles of cable in 923 segments. I'm
told that we will then total 4.7 miles of cable in 450 cu ft. Sounds
like a big wire wrap.
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