Commit 54e5522c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Drop most of the goo from this file; Now hardwiring this stuff into

the inner boss/ops setup (route to outer boss, ifconfig of inner
control network). At some point drop this entire script and just use
the XMLRPC interface to tell outer emulab that inner boss/ops have
rebooted and are ready.
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......@@ -72,23 +72,9 @@ elsif ($bossname =~ /^([\w\.]+):(\d+)$/) {
libtmcc::configtmcc("nossl", 1);
$ENV{'TMCCNOSSL'} = "1";
# More brutal hackery. We need to establish a route to boss, but DHCP
# static-routes option is broken! Do it here so that tmcc to outer boss
# can find it way.
if (! -e "$ETCDIR/outer_router") {
die("*** $0:\n".
" $ETCDIR/outer_router does not exist!\n");
my $routerip = `cat $ETCDIR/outer_router`;
system("route add $bossname $routerip");
if ($?) {
die("*** $0:\n".
" Could not establish route to outer boss ($bossname)!\n");
# Add a timeout since in the firewall case, we will not be able to
# reach outer boss.
libtmcc::configtmcc("timeout", 5);
# Protos.
sub doboot();
......@@ -168,34 +154,9 @@ sub doboot()
fatal("Error sending TBSETUP to Emulab Control!");
# Now we get into the real work.
print("Checking Testbed reservation status\n");
my ($pid, $eid, $vname) = bootsetup();
if (!defined($pid)) {
goto isfree;
# We run just two scripts. This sets up the interfaces for the inner
# boss and ops since they will not get it from DHCP, and it is not
# possible to hardwire the info in /etc/rc.conf since assign can pick
# any node, any interface, etc.
my @scripts = ("rc.route", "rc.ifconfig");
foreach my $script (@scripts) {
if (!-x "$BINDIR/rc/$script");
TBDebugTimeStamp("running $BINDIR/rc/$script");
system("$BINDIR/rc/$script boot");
if ($?) {
fatal("Failed running $BINDIR/rc/$script");
# We do not do anything.
# Now send ISUP
print("Informing Emulab Control that we are up and running\n");
if (tmcc(TMCCCMD_STATE, "ISUP") < 0) {
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