Commit 54d27d50 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Add a phase to check root ssh from boss to ops, so that we'll be

able to scp some stuff over once this is done.

Install the new elvind config file.

Fix a missing comma.
parent 424eb38c
......@@ -46,6 +46,8 @@ my $PATCH = "/usr/bin/patch";
my $SSH_KEYGEN = "/usr/bin/ssh-keygen";
my $PKG_INFO = "/usr/sbin/pkg_info";
my $TOUCH = "/usr/bin/touch";
my $SSH = "/usr/bin/ssh";
my $CP = "/bin/cp";
my $SUIDPERL = "/usr/bin/suidperl";
......@@ -120,7 +122,7 @@ my @LOGFILES = ("$LOGDIR/bootinfo.log", "$LOGDIR/tmcd.log",
"$LOGDIR/frisbeed.log", "$LOGDIR/proxydhcpd.log",
"$LOGDIR/elvind.log", "$LOGDIR/stated.log", "$LOGDIR/osselect.log",
"$LOGDIR/tftpd.log", "$LOGDIR/sdcollectd.log", "$LOGDIR/genlastlog.log",
"$LOGDIR/sshxmlrpc.log", "$LOGDIR/plabgetfree.log", "$LOGDIR/xmlrpcbag.log"
"$LOGDIR/sshxmlrpc.log", "$LOGDIR/plabgetfree.log", "$LOGDIR/xmlrpcbag.log",
......@@ -136,6 +138,9 @@ my $OBJDIR = `/usr/bin/dirname $0`;
chomp $OBJDIR;
my $TOP_OBJDIR = "$OBJDIR/..";
my $ELVIND_CONF = "/usr/local/etc/elvind.conf";
my $BOSS_ELVIND_CONF = "$TOP_OBJDIR/event/etc/elvind-boss.conf";
# Allow this to work if the library is left in the source directory
......@@ -537,6 +542,16 @@ Phase "ssh", "Setting up root ssh from boss to ops", sub {
" StrictHostKeyChecking no",
" Protocol 1,2");
Phase "keycopy", "Copy root ssh keys to ops", sub {
if (ExecQuiet("$SSH root@$USERNODE pwd")) {
PhaseSkip("Key already copied");
} else {
PhaseFail("You'll need to manually copy boss's public SSH key\n".
"over to ops print so boss can get into ops without a\n" .
"password. Run the following print as root:\n" .
Phase "rndc", "Setting up rndc for control of nameserver", sub {
......@@ -570,15 +585,15 @@ Phase "sslcerts", "Setting up SSL certificates", sub {
Phase "event", "Setting up event system", sub {
Phase "elvinconf", "Installing elvind config file", sub {
print "----------------------------------------------------------------------\n";
print "Installation completed succesfully!\n";
print "Please reboot this machine before proceeding with boss setup\n";
if (!PhaseWasSkipped("ssh")) {
print "You'll need to manually copy boss's public SSH key over to ops,\n";
print "so boss can get into ops without a password. Run the following\n";
print "as root:\n";
print "scp $ROOT_PUBKEY ops:$ROOT_AUTHKEY\n";
exit 0;
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