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Fix email message output to reflect current reality.

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......@@ -222,24 +222,37 @@ For the NS file described above, you would receive a listing that looks
similar to this:
Node Mapping:
Virtual Physical Qualified Name
--------------- --------------- --------------------
nodeA pc12
nodeB pc14
nodeC pc16
nodeD pc18
delay0 pc7
IP Addresses:
Node IFC Destination IP
--------------- -------------------- --------------------
nodeB eth0 nodeC
nodeB eth2 nodeA
nodeA eth0 nodeB
nodeC eth0 nodeB
nodeD eth0 nodeB
nodeB eth1 nodeD </code></pre>
Node Info:
--------------- ---------- ---------------
NodeB pc
NodeC pc RHL-STD
NodeD pc
Node Mapping:
Virtual Physical Qualified Name
--------------- --------------- --------------------
NodeA pc18
NodeB pc29
NodeC pc28
NodeD pc35
tbsdelay0 pc15
Lan/Link Info:
ID Member IP Delay BW (Kbs) Loss Rate
--------------- --------------- --------------- --------- --------- ---------
l6 NodeB:eth0 0.00 100000 0.000
l5 NodeB:eth2 25.00 100000 0.000
l5 NodeA:eth0 25.00 100000 0.000
l6 NodeC:eth0 0.00 100000 0.000
l7 NodeB:eth1 0.00 100000 0.000
l7 NodeD:eth0 0.00 100000 0.000
Delay Node Info:
LinkID Virtual Physical Pipe Numbers
--------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
l5 tbsdelay0 pc15 100,110 </code></pre>
A few points should be noted:
......@@ -247,9 +260,12 @@ A few points should be noted:
<li> A single delay node was allocated and inserted into the link
between NodeA and NodeB. This link is invisible from your
perspective, except for the fact that it adds latency, error,
or reduced bandwidth.
or reduced bandwidth. However, the information for the delay links
are included so that you can
<a href="../faq.php3?#HDS-6">modify the delay parameters</a>
after the experiment has been created.
<li> Delays of less than 3ms (per trip) are too small to be
<li> Delays of less than 2ms (per trip) are too small to be
accurately modeled at this time, and will be silently ignored.
Please see the
<a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=nscommands.html#LOSS">
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