Commit 513c3e11 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Make c8da063e actually work.

Turns out some combination of ebtables userspace and kernel doesn't
respect the --stp-type matcher.  So just drop all forwarded packets
destined to the bridge group address.

Anyway, this STP-less firewall bridge should be a better fit for most
parent e95f37ac
......@@ -1471,9 +1471,18 @@ sub os_fwconfig_line($@) {
$upline .= "ifconfig $vlandev up\n";
$upline .= "brctl addbr br0\n";
$upline .= "brctl stp br0 off\n";
# As of 12/14/2017, these stp-type-specific rules have
# no affect on STP packet forwarding across the bridge.
# The unspecific drop-everything-destined-to-the-BGA
# rule works effectively, however. See
# for same symptom; no resolution.
$upline .= "ebtables -A FORWARD -d BGA --stp-type 0x0 -j DROP\n";
$upline .= "ebtables -A FORWARD -d BGA --stp-type 0x80 -j DROP\n";
$upline .= "ebtables -A FORWARD -d BGA --stp-type 0x02 -j DROP\n";
$upline .= "ebtables -A FORWARD -d BGA -j DROP\n";
$upline .= "ifconfig br0 up\n";
# This is very, very messy. We have to save the
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