Commit 50d0e370 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Get rid of blockstore swapout-time program agent.

This was rendered obsolete by the addition of the bs-agent 1+ years ago.
parent c63b44d5
......@@ -364,23 +364,6 @@ Blockstore instproc finalize {} {
perror "A remote blockstore must be connected to one, and only one, link/lan: $self"
return -1
# For the lanlink we are connected to, find all the non-blockstore
# nodes that are attached and schedule a program-agent to do an
# fullreset.
set link [lindex [$node set portlist] 0]
set nlist [$link set nodelist]
foreach pair $nlist {
set lnode [lindex $pair 0]
if {[$lnode set type] != "blockstore"} {
if {[$lnode set bstore_agent] == 0} {
$lnode set bstore_agent 1
set pa [$lnode program-agent -command "sudo /usr/local/etc/emulab/rc/ fullreset"]
$sim at "swapout" "$pa run"
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