Commit 4fd9839b authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Bug Fix; cull out duplicates in RecordVlanInsertion so that the

members list of vlans table does not get messed up.
parent acbbdf51
......@@ -3401,7 +3401,15 @@ sub RecordVlanInsertion($$$)
my @portlist;
$vlan->PortList(\@portlist) == 0
or return -1;
my $members = join(" ", @portlist);
# Watch for duplicates
my %portlist = ();
foreach my $port (@portlist) {
$portlist{$port} = $port
if (!exists($portlist{$port}));
my $members = join(" ", keys(%portlist));
# Not all vlans have the path set. Only intraswitch vlans do. In
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