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Add tb-set-netmask description.

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......@@ -271,6 +271,28 @@ tb-set-ip-interface $node2 $node1
tb-set-netmask <i>lanlink</i> <i>netmask</i>
tb-set-netmask $link0 ""
<dt><i>lanlink</i> - The lan or link to set the netmask for.
<dt><i>netmask</i> - The netmask in dotted notation.
<li>This command sets the netmask for a lan or link. The mask must
be big enough to support all of the nodes on the lan or link!
<li>You may play with the bottom three octets (0xFFFFFXXX) of the
mask; attempts to change the upper octets will cause an error.
<a name="OS"></a><h3>OS Commands</h3>
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