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A little blurb for initial setup of genilib jails.

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How to setup update the genilib-jail environment.
We use a combination of iocage and our own hand-rolled script to efficiently
spawn up environments in which we can interpret geni-lib scripts. Right now
we only have to do this at Utah, but down the road, if other sites start
running their own portal, this will be needed.
0. Convert your ops node to using ZFS.
1. Make sure the "iocage" package is installed.
We are using version 1.7.4.
pkg install iocage
2. Setup the "base" jail.
iocage fetch release=10.2-RELEASE
iocage create -c release=10.2-RELEASE tag=py-cage-new
# if you want to be able to start it up with IP addr
iocage set ip4_addr='ix0|' py-cage-new
iocage set host_hostname='' py-cage-new
iocage set compression=off py-cage-new
iocage set quota=10G py-cage-new
3. Install packages:
cd /iocage/jails/<UUID>/root
chroot . pkg install ca_root_nss
cat >etc/pkg/Emulab-devel.conf <<EOF
Emulab-devel: {
url: "",
mirror_type: NONE,
enabled: yes
chroot . pkg install -r Emulab-devel emulab-genilib
4. Make it a template
iocage set template=yes py-cage-new
Updating your iocage:
1. Fetch the appropriate release:
sudo iocage fetch release=10.2-RELEASE
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