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Add variable netmask support to the parser ... bla bla bla

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stoller 2003/09/04 08:30:38 MDT
Modified files:
tbsetup/ns2ir lanlink.tcl node.tcl
Add variable netmask support to the parser so that we can handle lots
more subnets; with vnodes and 1000 node experiments, we running out of
subnets really quick with just 255 networks (
You can now do this in your NS file:
tb-set-netmask $lan0 ""
tb-set-netmask $link0 ""
tb-set-netmask $link1 ""
Yep, more rope for the user to hang himself with. Notes:
* You are restricted to 255.255.XXX.XXX. I did not see a reason to
allow the user that much rope.
* get_subnet can handle 10 or 192.168 addresses so that other sites
can continue to operate without changing to 10 addresses, although
they will still be able to change the netmask.
* I've changed the handling for widearea networks to use 192.168, but
I force the netmask to so that we are not restricted
to just 255 networks (not that it really matters). To avoid possible
confusion, the user is not allowed to choose their own IPs for
widearea networks, and I actually set them to 1.1.x.x, and then
patch it up later. This is to avoid conflict with existing
experiments where people may have used tb-set-ip in their NS files.
* There are tmcd and staticroutes and image changes that are required
to make this all work right!
Revision Changes Path
1.29 +61 -12 testbed/tbsetup/ns2ir/lanlink.tcl
1.39 +8 -5 testbed/tbsetup/ns2ir/node.tcl
1.13 +26 -13 testbed/tbsetup/ns2ir/
1.50 +75 -13 testbed/tbsetup/ns2ir/
1.51 +25 -0 testbed/tbsetup/ns2ir/
stoller 2003/08/05 11:41:09 MDT
Modified files:
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