Commit 4d526664 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

A couple of little bug fixes.

parent 5d9d7860
......@@ -4072,6 +4072,9 @@ sub InterpLinks($)
my $pnode = $self->pnodes()->{$self->solution_v2p()->{$virtual}};
my $virtnode = $self->vnodes()->{$virtual};
# internally created node ...
if (!defined($virtnode));
if ($pnode->_reuse() eq "unused");
......@@ -4588,9 +4591,13 @@ sub NewVirtIface($$$$;$)
# For veth and vlan interfaces, we need to set the characteristics
# of the underlying physical interface.
# of the underlying physical interface, but only if we actually own
# the node; it might be a veth on a shread physical node.
# If the pnode is a shared host, we do not want to do this; the physical
# interfaces are all set up the right way, do not mess it up.
if (defined($pport) && $isvdev) {
if (defined($pport) && $isvdev && !$pnode->_sharedhost()) {
my $speed = $self->interfacespeedmbps(physinterfacetype($pnode,$pport),
my $trunk = ($type eq "vlan" ? 1 : 0);
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