Commit 4d27a747 authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong
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Fix XML search for "privilege" elements in credentials.

The previous code searched for _all_ privileges, which returned
extraneous results in case of delegation.  We are now more precise
about the locations in the tree we're considering.
parent a2ec477d
...@@ -519,8 +519,9 @@ sub CreateFromSigned($$;$) ...@@ -519,8 +519,9 @@ sub CreateFromSigned($$;$)
bless($self, $class); bless($self, $class);
# Dig out the capabilities # Dig out the capabilities
foreach my $cap (GeniXML::FindNodes('.//n:privileges/n:privilege', foreach my $cap (GeniXML::FindNodes('n:signed-credential/n:credential/' .
$root)->get_nodelist()) { 'n:privileges/n:privilege',
$root)->get_nodelist()) {
my $name = GeniXML::FindElement('n:name', $cap); my $name = GeniXML::FindElement('n:name', $cap);
my $delegate = GeniXML::FindElement('n:can_delegate', $cap); my $delegate = GeniXML::FindElement('n:can_delegate', $cap);
if (defined($name) && defined($delegate)) { if (defined($name) && defined($delegate)) {
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