Commit 4d0b135a authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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Bugfix: Properly mark subnodes as unavailable when their parent nodes are.

Previously this didn't work correctly when using the '-a' option.
parent 8a1e3af6
......@@ -1041,11 +1041,15 @@ foreach $node (@nodenames) {
# We don't want to include subnodes unless their parent node is going
# to be in the ptop file too
if (!$nodes{$current->subnode_of()} ||
$sharing_mode{$current->subnode_of()}) {
$sharing_mode{$current->subnode_of()} ||
!$nodetoavailable{$current->subnode_of()}) {
# In fact, nuke it from %nodes so that we don't include its links,
# either
delete $nodes{$node};
$nodetoavailable{$node} = 0;
if (! $allnodes) {
delete $nodes{$node};
# Push the subnode's information into its flags
push @flags, "subnode_of:" . $current->subnode_of();
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