Commit 4b366185 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Set initial auto_increment in the lans table above real vlan numbers..

This is to deal with a bug in looped vlans, that I do not have time
to fix right now.
parent 92eecec5
......@@ -57,3 +57,7 @@ INSERT INTO `node_type_attributes` VALUES ('bbgenivm','imageable','0','boolean')
INSERT INTO `interface_types` VALUES ('bbg',1000000,1,'Unknown','Gigabit Ethernet',1,'RJ45');
INSERT INTO `interface_capabilities` VALUES ('bbg','ethernet_defspeed','1000000');
INSERT INTO `interface_capabilities` VALUES ('bbg','protocols','ethernet');
-- Bump first lan above real vlan number. Cause of a bug in how we
-- calculate tag numbers for looped links. Need a better fix later.
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