Commit 4ab48062 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Make an exception for the dedicated widearea case when setting the root

bit in doaccounts.
parent 746fe9d8
......@@ -2189,10 +2189,11 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(doaccounts)
* widearearoot and wideareajailroot override trust values
* from the project (above). Of course, tbadmin overrides
* everthing!
* from the project (above) (IF the node is not isdedicatedwa,
* since these must behave like local). Of course, tbadmin
* overrides everthing!
if (!reqp->islocal && !reqp->isplabdslice) {
if (!reqp->islocal && !reqp->isdedicatedwa && !reqp->isplabdslice) {
if (!reqp->isvnode)
root = atoi(row[14]);
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