Commit 4a3c3cc6 authored by Jay Lepreau's avatar Jay Lepreau
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Don't hide our light:

Change 'Software' to 'Emulab Software' and today's date.
Retire an oldish paper New, add SW New.
parent de26e93c
...@@ -434,8 +434,8 @@ function WRITESIDEBAR() { ...@@ -434,8 +434,8 @@ function WRITESIDEBAR() {
if ($rootEmulab) { if ($rootEmulab) {
# Leave New here about 2 weeks # Leave New here about 2 weeks
NavMenuButtonNew("Papers and Talks (Jun 4)", "$TBDOCBASE/pubs.php3"); NavMenuButton("Papers and Talks (Jun 4)", "$TBDOCBASE/pubs.php3");
NavMenuButton("Software (Jul 18)", "$TBDOCBASE/software.php3"); NavMenuButtonNew("Emulab Software (Jun 26)", "$TBDOCBASE/software.php3");
NavMenuButton("List People", NavMenuButton("List People",
"$TBDOCBASE/people.php3"); "$TBDOCBASE/people.php3");
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