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Initialize interface_capabilities table from interface_types table;

for now I am leaving max_speed slot of interface_types table in place.
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......@@ -74,6 +74,14 @@ type: Name of the FreeBSD driver for the card (common ones are 'fxp' for Intel
max_speed: The maximum speed of the interface, in Kbps
full_duplex: 1 if the card can operate in full duplex, 0 otherwise
Once you have all of the interfaces specified, you should run the
following sql commands:
insert into interface_capabilities (type, capkey, capval) \
select type,"protocols","ethernet" from interface_types;
insert into interface_capabilities (type, capkey, capval) \
select type,"ethernet_defspeed",max_speed from interface_types;
##### Bringing up the first node
We'll start by bringing up the first node in the testbed, to make sure things
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