Commit 495487ff authored by Kristin Wright's avatar Kristin Wright

Added math library for floor()

parent bf5a1578
OBJS=get_ifi_info.o get_rtaddrs.o net_rt_iflist.o sock_ntop.o util.o
SOBJS=serv_listen.o recvfromflags.o if_indextoname.o reply.o serv.o forw_requests.o
CFLAGS += -Wall -g
LIBS = -lm
CFLAGS += -Wall -g
all: cli serv
cli: ${OBJS} ${COBJS}
$(CC) $(OBJS) $(COBJS) -o cli
$(CC) $(LIBS) $(OBJS) $(COBJS) -o cli
serv: ${OBJS} ${SOBJS}
$(CC) $(OBJS) $(SOBJS) -o serv
$(CC) $(OBJS) $(SOBJS) ${LIBS} -o serv
/bin/rm -rf $(OBJS) $(SOBJS) $COBJS) cli serv
\ No newline at end of file
/bin/rm -rf $(OBJS) $(SOBJS) $(COBJS) cli serv
\ No newline at end of file
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