Commit 491780d6 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Fix nasty security hole in checklogin code that would have allowed a

mysql injection attack. Been there for years. Amazing.
parent ca482841
......@@ -383,8 +383,15 @@ function LOGGEDINORDIE($uid, $modifier = 0, $login_url = NULL) {
# If our login is not valid, then the uid is already set to "",
# so refresh it to the cookie value. Then we can pass the right
# uid to hcecklogin, so we can give the right error message.
if ($uid=="") { $uid=$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[$TBNAMECOOKIE]; }
# uid to checklogin, so we can give the right error message.
if ($uid == "") {
# Verify valid string (no special chars like single/double quotes!).
if (! preg_match("/^[-\w]+$/", $uid)) {
TBERROR("LOGGEDINORDIE: Illegal characters in $uid", 1);
# Allow the caller to specify a different URL to direct the user
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