Commit 48b717ed authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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Bugfix: Lookup vnode id rather than component_id

parent 77dbad39
......@@ -790,13 +790,14 @@ sub Release($$)
if (!GeniXML::IsLocalNode($ref));
my $resource_id = GeniXML::GetNodeId($ref);
if (!defined($resource_id)) {
my $vnode_id = GeniXML::GetVnodeId($ref);
if (!defined($resource_id) || !defined($vnode_id)) {
print STDERR "No resource id for node in ticket\n";
print GeniXML::Serialize($ref);
return -1;
my $node = GeniUtil::LookupNode($resource_id);
my $node = GeniUtil::LookupNode($vnode_id);
if (!defined($node));
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