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Stupid port ranges! Make per experiment range larger.

We need to get rid of this!

Since BSD jail days we have attempted to partition up the UDP/TCP port
range among vnodes as jails and their host shared the same namespace.
Originally we supported a range of 256 per experiment which wound up
limiting the number of experiments we could instantiate. In order to get
a class up and running where we expected a large number of single-vnode
experiments, I reduced the range to 32 to allow more experiments, forgetting
that we pick a unique port per-vnode from that range to use for sshd.
So as a result I limited the number of vnodes per experiment to 32!

Did I mention that we need to eviscerate this mechanism with extreme
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......@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ sub DBLIMIT_NSFILESIZE() { (2**24 - 1); }
sub TBDB_LOWVPORT() { 25000; }
sub TBDB_MAXVPORT() { 60000; }
sub TBDB_PORTRANGE() { 32; }
sub TBDB_PORTRANGE() { 200; }
# STATS constants.
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