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#!/usr/bin/perl -w -T
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
if (scalar(@ARGV) < 5) {
print STDERR 'run-standalone <run-level> <run-path> <var-path> <log-path> <host-list> [node-list]
Uses pssh to simultaneously run linktest in standalone mode for all
hosts listed.
run-level -- An integer betweeen 1 and 4 with higher numbers
performing more tests (see:
run-path -- Contains execution package (manifest described below).
var-path -- Contains configuration files (manifest described below).
log-path -- An empty directory where low-level error logs are kept.
host-list -- Comma-delimeted list of hostnames to run on.
node-list -- If the nodes have different control and experimental
interfaces, the hostlist should contain the control
interface names (accessed via pssh) and the nodelist
should contain experimental interface names (used
internally in linktest). If the nodes do not have
separate control interfaces, the nodelist may be
Note: Currently node names (those listed in the node-list and the
nickname and syncserver hostname described below) are all assumed to
be a single unqualified name (like node-0).
($level, $runpath, $varpath, $logpath, $hosts, $nodes) = @ARGV;
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