Commit 46d4fb75 authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish

Support patched agetty for serial console. A start at en-masse image updates.

parent cb463836
......@@ -132,8 +132,10 @@ alias v='ls -lsF'
. Download setup from to C:/Software/Cygwin.
Once you have a Cygwin, you can update the setup.exe by:
# [On ops.]
set pc=109
scp /share/windows/cygwin-setup.exe $pc":"/tmp/setup.exe
set pc=325
scp /share/windows/cygwin-setup.exe pc$pc":"/tmp/setup.exe
# [On the machine.]
cp /tmp/setup.exe C:/Software/Cygwin
. Run Cygwin setup.exe .
# After Cygwin in installed, ensure that upgrading SSH won't hang.
......@@ -145,9 +147,9 @@ alias v='ls -lsF'
Click on the Skip in the "New" column to add a binary version of:
agetty, bison, cvs, cygrunsrv, ed, file, flex, gcc, gdb, inetutils,
make, minires-devel, more, nano, openssh (with src), openssl-devel,
patch, perl, perl-libwin32, python, rpm, rsync,
shutdown, tcsh, vim, wget, zip .
Click in the "src" column for openssh, so patches can be applied.
patch, perl, perl-libwin32, psmisc, python, rpm, rsync,
shutdown, sysvinit, tcsh, vim, wget, zip .
Click in the "src" column for openssh and agetty, so patches can be applied.
. At the end, don't "Create an icon on the Desktop", do "Add icon to Start Menu".
. Add ;C:\cygwin\bin to the end of the System PATH in
......@@ -215,6 +217,7 @@ alias v='ls -lsF'
- Edit /bin/ssh-host-config to add a -i argument to the "cygrunsrv -I sshd" lines.
grep cygrunsrv /bin/ssh-host-config | grep -e -I
ed /bin/ssh-host-config
/cygrunsrv -I sshd/s//& -i/p
/cygrunsrv -I sshd/s//& -i/p
......@@ -708,8 +711,10 @@ q
# The install of evproxy in the make will fail unless we stop it first.
ps -Welf | grep evproxy
kill `ps -Welf | grep evproxy | awk '{print $2}'`
# Ditto emulab-syncd and slothd.
# Ditto emulab-syncd, program-agent, and slothd.
ps -Welf | grep emulab
$rc/rc.syncserver shutdown
$rc/rc.progagent shutdown
$rc/rc.slothd stop
make client-install >& make.log2
......@@ -853,7 +858,7 @@ if [ ]; then
# Check that setx.exe is in system32.
v C:/WINDOWS/system32/setx.exe
# [ SKIP if patched sshd.exe installed above.
# [ SKIP if patched sshd.exe and agetty.exe installed above.
. Patch sshd so that shares (including /users homedirs) work with public-key logins.
Also touches a file when client input is received, so slothd will know.
......@@ -873,20 +878,24 @@ if [ ]; then
- Install the source patches. (Go get CVSROOT and agent keys set above first.)
(cd ~/flux; cvs update testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp)
(cd ~/flux; cvs co testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp)
cd /usr/src/openssh*
##cd /usr/src/openssh-4.1p1-2
cd /usr/src/openssh-4.2p1-1
v -t *.[ch] | head -30
# Enable no-password ssh logins which can access shared homedirs.
cp -p uidswap.c{,.orig}
patch -p1 --dry-run < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/uidswap.c.patch
patch -p1 -b < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/uidswap.c.patch
diff uidswap.c{.orig,}
diff -c uidswap.c{.orig,}
# Enable slothd to know of the last SSH client input time.
for f in channels.{h,c} serverloop.c; do cp -p $f{,.orig}; done
v *.orig
patch -p1 --dry-run < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/sshd-client-input-time.patch
patch -p1 -b < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/sshd-client-input-time.patch
diff -c channels.h{.orig,}
diff -c channels.c{.orig,}
diff -c serverloop.c{.orig,}
- Configure. Takes a while.
# These are the options that contrib/cygwin/README specifies:
......@@ -910,10 +919,66 @@ if [ ]; then
# Make sure sshd is closed down while installing.
ps -Welf | grep sshd
net stop sshd
mv /usr/sbin/sshd.exe{,.prev}
/usr/bin/install -c -m 0755 -s sshd /usr/sbin/sshd.exe
net start sshd
. Patch agetty to support 115.2kbps serial line speed.
cd /usr/src/agetty-2.1-1
cp -p agetty.c{.orig}
patch -p1 --dry-run < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/agetty.c.patch
patch -p1 -b < ~/flux/testbed/tmcd/cygwinxp/agetty.c.patch
# Test. If it exits after 10 seconds, turn off EMS below and reboot.
time ./agetty -L -T vt100 -n ttyS0 115200 ttyS0
make install
/usr/bin/install -s -m 755 -o administrator -g administrators agetty.exe /sbin
# SKIP ]
. Set up agetty for console logins.
- Make sure Console Redirection is disabled after boot in the BIOS settings.
- Turn off Windows EMS, because it disables the serial console for agetty.
Windows "Emergency Management Services" is a second level of redirection.
If you see the "Starting Windows" progress bar on the serial port, it's on.
The result is that the serial port won't even show up in Device Manager.
# Look for the EMS "OS Load Options: /redirect" and turn it off.
bootcfg /query
# Assuming the Boot Entry you want is #1:
bootcfg /ems OFF /id 1
bootcfg /query
- Install the patched agetty, if not done above.
#[As the user:]
cp /share/windows/agetty.exe /tmp
#[As root:]
mv /sbin/agetty.exe{,.orig}
/usr/bin/install -s -m 755 -o administrator -g administrators /tmp/agetty.exe /sbin
- Set up the sysvinit package to run agetty.
. Uncomment the serial console line in /etc/inittab.
Set Com1 to 115.2kbps, which is determined by the serial concentrator.
cat /etc/inittab
ed /etc/inittab
. The postinstall script does init with autoanswer=no.
v /etc/inittab
chown system.system /etc/inittab
chown system.system /etc/rc
cygrunsrv -VQ init
cygrunsrv -R init
# Init starts agetty from inittab. Send it an interrupt signal at shutdown.
cygrunsrv -I init -d "Cygwin SysV init" -p /sbin/init -a -i -s INT
net start init
. Make a load average log for slothd, averaged over a 1 minute period.
- /proc/loadavg is hard-wired to "0.00 0.00 0.00" on Cygwin now.
......@@ -987,14 +1052,7 @@ Making images
rm -rf C:/WINDOWS/SoftwareDistribution/Download/*
- Could be a good time to update Cygwin as well.
. Beware of stepping on the sshd.exe patches.
. Uninstall the experimental net devices in Computer Management/Device Manager.
(This was from our attempts to make a pc850/pc600 image. Is it needed?)
# Check which one is the control net interface.
ipconfig /all
Select a non-control net interface, hit delete, enter.
Takes about 15 seconds per interface.
. Beware of stepping on the sshd.exe and agetty.exe patches.
. Run prepare to clear out experiment-specific state.
rootpc $pc
......@@ -1083,6 +1141,8 @@ Making images
rm /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img.ndz
ln -s WINXP-$image.ndz /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$img.ndz
- Installing service packs
Service packs are cumulative, so there's no point in installing both SP1 and SP2.
......@@ -1143,3 +1203,162 @@ Making images
df -m /usr/testbed/images
rm -f /usr/testbed/images/WINXP-$image.ndz
df -m /usr/testbed/images
Updating a set of existing images.
. Build changes one place, make tarballs to update the others.
#[On the build node, as me.]
cd /
# Work around a running sshd.
cp -p /usr/sbin/sshd.exe{,.new}
sysfiles="usr/sbin/ bin/ssh-host-config etc/sshd_config \
etc/profile sbin/agetty.exe etc/inittab"
v $sysfiles
tar cvfz $updates/sys_$date.tgz $sysfiles
cd /usr/local
elabpat="etc/emulab man/man{1/{install,emulab}-*,8/program-*}"
elabfiles=`eval "echo $elabpat"`
v -d $elabfiles
v /etc/emulab/paths.*
tar cvfz $updates/elab_$date.tgz $elabfiles
#[On Boss.]
set date=2005-09-19
set updates=/proj/testbed/fish/winxp
set nodes="SP0 SP1 SP2 UPDATE"
set hw=pc850
set hw=pc3000
set pid=testbed eid=new-windows-$hw
set exp=$eid.$
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
ping -c 1 $node.$exp
# Copy the tarballs to /tmp as me, and unpack as root .
# (Could get them via Samba, except Root has no Samba access.)
foreach node ( $nodes )
scp -p $updates/*_$date.tgz $node.$exp\:/tmp
# First update Cygwin setup, then Cygwin itself.
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
ssh $node.$exp cp -p /share/windows/cygwin-setup.exe /tmp/setup.exe
sudo ssh $node.$exp "cd C:/Software/Cygwin; cp /tmp/setup.exe .; " \
"rm -f cygwin-setup.exe; ls -l"
# Gotta do this part under an RDP login, *as root*.
set rootpwd='daFluxGroup'
set rd=/proj/testbed/fish/rdesktop/rdesktop-1.3.1
set rdarg="-K -g 1280x1024-500+0"
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
(cd $rd; ./rdesktop $rdarg -u root -p "$rootpwd" $node.$exp &)
sleep 1
#[On the node, as root, under RDP.]
echo $HOME
regtool get /HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/SetHOME
# Installing OpenSSH hangs if you update it while it's running.
# Uninstall openssh first if it's being updated.
cygrunsrv -VQ sshd
cygcheck -c openssh
ls -l /etc/moduli
ps -Welf | grep ssh
net stop sshd
# Click the Keep button, then change the New column to Uninstall on net/openssh.
/cygdrive/c/software/cygwin/setup.exe &
# Re-install openssh again.
/cygdrive/c/software/cygwin/setup.exe &
# Now update everything else.
/cygdrive/c/software/cygwin/setup.exe &
# May need to reboot and run again before adding any new packages like sysvinit.
cygcheck -c sysvinit
# Unpack the patched and edited system files.
net stop init
tar xvfz /tmp/sys_*.tgz -C /
net start init
# sshd.exe may be busy, move the busy executable aside.
ls -l /usr/sbin/sshd*
cd /usr/sbin
net stop sshd
mv sshd.exe{,.prev}
mv sshd.exe{.new,}
ls -l /usr/sbin/sshd*
net start sshd
#[On Boss.]
# Shut down the Emulab services.
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
sudo ssh $node.$exp 'ps -Welf | grep emulab; killall evproxy'
sudo ssh $node.$exp '$rc/rc.syncserver shutdown; $rc/rc.progagent shutdown; '\
'$rc/rc.slothd stop; sleep 5; ps -Welf | grep emulab; '
sudo ssh $node.$exp 'killall emulab-sync program-agent slothd'
# Unpack the Emulab files.
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
sudo ssh $node.$exp "tar xfz /tmp/elab_*.tgz -C /usr/local"
echo ""
sleep 1
. Do one-time updates
#[On Boss.]
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
sudo ssh $node.$exp "bootcfg /query; bootcfg /ems OFF /id 1; bootcfg /query"
sudo ssh $node.$exp "chown system.system /etc/inittab /etc/rc; "\
"cygrunsrv -I init -d 'Cygwin SysV init' -p /sbin/init -a -i -s INT; "\
"net start init"
- Some things still have to be done through the GUI under RDP.
. Go into Control Panel / Power Options / Hibernate, and make sure it's disabled.
Also set Power Options / Power Schemes to "Always On".
. Reboot and test.
#[On Boss.]
node_reboot -e $pid,$eid
# Network configs.
foreach node ( $nodes )
echo $node.$exp
sudo ssh $node.$exp "ipconfig /all"
echo ""
# Connectivity test.
foreach node1 ( $nodes )
foreach node2 ( $nodes )
if ( "$node1" != "$node2" ) then
echo $node1 pings $node2
sudo ssh $node1.$exp "ping $node2"
. Update the dates in the image ID's.
# [On boss:]
mysql tbdb
select imagename, created, path from images where imagename like 'WINXP%';
select imagename, created, path from images where imagename like 'WINXP-SP_';
update images set created='2005-08-22 16:49' where imagename like 'WINXP-SP_';
update images set created='2005-08-22 16:49' where imagename like 'WINXP-UPDATE';
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