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......@@ -4,41 +4,14 @@ Documentation for snmpit
snmpit uses modules that implement the interface to a given switch
model (ie Cisco Catalyst 6509, Intel EhterExpress 510T, etc). They are
responsable for all communication (typically over SNMP) to the switch.
These modules should support these actions:
new(ip,args) Initializes snmp session to IP, "arg=val" sets
module parameters, ignores unsupported args
cmd = {enable, disable, 10mbit, 100mbit, full, half, auto}
ports = list of "pcX:Y"
showPorts print settings of all ports
getStats print various stats
vlanLock Get a vlan editing lock/token/buffer, and
vlanUnlock Release it when done
setupVlan (name,ports) - takes a list of ports, and vlans them
removeVlan (vlan) - takes vlan number
listVlans returns a list of entries, with each entry having an ID,
a name, and a list of members (pcX:Y), tab delimited
The organization is basically that snmpit itself deals with stack objects,
which deal with (possibly multiple) switch objects on the backend. So, snmpit
makes a snmpit_cisco_stack object, and gives it a list of switches, which
snmpit_cisco_stack uses to create a snmpit_cisco object for each switch. The
stack objects basically just know how to do things like the the VLAN lists from
all of their switches and collate them into one big list that they can return
to the caller.
showPorts and getStats currently print their results directly. This
makes sense, since the output could be quite different for different
switch types. This also prevents snmpit itself from using these
functions to determine certain things about the state. In the future,
it would be good to have them return data structures, like listVlans
does, and have snmpit be able to use this info.
Features supported in snmpit itself:
- auto vlan config from file or from db
- device type discovery and command dispatch
Power control has also been moved into its own module,
It supports new(ip,args) as above, and power(cmd,port) where cmd is
"on", "off", or "cyc[le]" and port is 1-8.
snmpit library interface
(see comment at top of
The snmpit library handles all the database transactions. It makes
available all the translations that a module might need to do.
The API for the stack objects is currently not documented - look at one of the
existing ones.
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