Commit 46863e6c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Clean up the virt_agents table of some old names that used to be

created by assign wrapper for linktrace.
parent 8416bb9e
......@@ -2075,6 +2075,11 @@ foreach my $lan (keys(%virt_lans)) {
"where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid' and ".
" group_name='${lan}-tracemon'");
# Must clean these cause of how this code used to work; temporary.
DBQueryFatal("delete from virt_agents ".
"where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid' and ".
" vname='${lan}-tracemon'");
foreach my $member (virtlanmembers($lan)) {
my ($vnode) = split(":", $member);
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