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Duplicate the paragraph about UNC paths in WIndows GUI apps to reduce user frustration.

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......@@ -120,6 +120,11 @@ authenticates using a plain-text user name and password, encrypted as they go
across the network. (These Windows Shares are then accessed by UNC paths
under Cygwin mounts, <a href="#SMB_mounts">described below</a>.) <p>
In Windows GUI programs, you can just type the UNC path into the Address bar
or a file-open dialog with <b>backslashes</b>, e.g. <code>\\fs\share</code> or
<code>\\fs\&lt;username&gt;</code>. User and project shares are marked "not
browsable", so just <code>\\fs</code> shows only <code>share</code>. <p>
<h4><a name="Windows_Passwords"> </a> Windows Passwords </h4>
A separate <b>Windows password</b> is kept for use only with experiment nodes
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