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Commit 459d20f9 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Add support for assign's new subnode_of: feature, and remove the code

to do the fake links that were our old workaround.
parent 928c8fba
......@@ -1063,13 +1063,7 @@ foreach $plink (keys(%plinks)) {
printdb "plink $plink - trivial\n";
if ($plink =~ m|^fakelink,(.+),(.+)$|) {
# A fakelink created for subnode sillyness. Ignore.
print "Skipping fakelink $plink\n";
elsif (($lan,$virtA,$virtC) =
if (($lan,$virtA,$virtC) =
($plink =~ m|^linksdelaysrc/(.+)/(.+),(.+)$|)) {
# trivial links do not have physical links, so no delay nodes.
if ($trivial) {
......@@ -3009,7 +3003,12 @@ sub CreateTopFile()
my $type = virtnodetype($node);
if (!virtnodeisremote($vname)) {
print TOPFILE "node $vname $type\n";
my $subnodestr = "";
if (virtnodeissubnode($vname)) {
my $parent = virtnodeparent($vname);
$subnodestr = "subnode_of:$parent";
print TOPFILE "node $vname $type $subnodestr\n";
if (virtnodeisvirt($vname)) {
......@@ -3019,28 +3018,12 @@ sub CreateTopFile()
# Now that the node list is out, spit out fakelinks for subnodes.
# Now that the node list is out, set OSID for nodes
foreach my $node (keys(%virt_nodes)) {
my $vname = virtnodename($node);
my $parent = virtnodeparent($vname);
if (virtnodeissubnode($vname)) {
# XXX: assign does not yet deal with subnodes. We have to
# a link from the subnode to the parent so that assign grabs
# the host too (or assign might use the host for something
# else, like a delay node!).
# At some point assign will handle this properly.
# XXX: Only one subnode works for now.
# XXX: Hardwire the speed to 2GB so that a regular link
# will not statisfy it. Sigh, needed a special
# interface_type and interfaces table entries.
my $parent = virtnodeparent($vname);
print TOPFILE "link fakelink,$vname,$parent ".
"$vname $parent 2000000 0 0\n";
# XXX Set the OSID until I figure out something.
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