Commit 4522d247 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor bug fix.

parent dc1d7fd3
......@@ -5925,7 +5925,7 @@ sub AllocVirtNodes($)
while (scalar(@newvlist) && scalar(@delvlist)) {
my $del_vnode = pop(@delvlist);
if (exists($self->current_v2v->{$del_vnode})) {
my $reserved_node = $$self->current_v2v()->{$del_vnode};
my $reserved_node = $self->current_v2v()->{$del_vnode};
push(@oplist, $reserved_node);
my $new_vnode = pop(@newvlist);
push(@ovlist, $new_vnode);
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