Commit 4465cbec authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong

When redeeming (or otherwise parsing) a ticket, if both URNs and UUIDs

are present, prefer to use the URN.
parent 337f6350
......@@ -1488,9 +1488,11 @@ sub SliverWork($$)
# Make sure all nodes requested are allocated.
foreach my $ref (@{$rspec->{'node'}}) {
my $resource_uuid = $ref->{'component_uuid'} || $ref->{'uuid'};
my $resource_uuid = $ref->{'component_urn'} ||
$ref->{'component_uuid'} || $ref->{'uuid'};
my $node_nickname = $ref->{'virtual_id'} || $ref->{'nickname'};
my $manager_uuid = $ref->{'component_manager_uuid'};
my $manager_uuid = $ref->{'component_manager_urn'} ||
# Let remote nodes pass through.
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