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Document how to set longitude/latitude/country sitevars.

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......@@ -18,6 +18,38 @@ Note that some instructions may have steps that need to occur at a few
different points in the install process - these are marked with the
earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
20091102: After install:
Some utilities may make use of location information on
nodes. The default location of the nodes in your cluster is
controlled by three sitevars: general/latitude,
general/longitude, and general/country. First, find your
longitude and latitude:
1) Go to
2) Zoom in on your location
3) Once you've found your location, right click and select
"What's here?".
4) The latitude,longitude of where you right-clicked is now
in the search field.
Next, update the sitevars with the proper location information:
1) Go to red dot mode on web interface
2) Administration -> Edit Site Variables
3) Click green dot in the 'Edit' column to edit a sitevar,
then type value in 'New value', then click 'Change to New
Value' for the following:
a) Edit 'general/default_latitude' to contain latitude
b) Edit 'general/default_longitude' to contain longitude
c) Edit 'general/default_country' to contain two-letter
country code in all caps (this should be 'US' for
locations within the United States).
20091030: After install:
The certificate format has been extended (to allow URNs
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