Commit 42709260 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Don't show last activity if it doesn't have any.

parent 7ea30876
......@@ -638,15 +638,17 @@ function SHOWEXP($pid, $eid) {
$lastact = TBGetExptLastAct($pid,$eid);
$idletime = TBGetExptIdleTime($pid,$eid);
echo "<tr>
if ($lastact != -1) {
echo "<tr>
<td>Last Activity: </td>
<td class=\"left\">$lastact</td>
echo "<tr>
echo "<tr>
<td>Idle Time: </td>
<td class=\"left\">$idletime hours</td>
if (! ($swapreqs=="" || $swapreqs==0)) {
echo "<tr>
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