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Running notes for what is going on with my Windows support and what I am...

Running notes for what is going on with my Windows support and what I am working on and what my current problem is and my longterm plans and so on and so forth.  Pretty much all of my notes are in here. Kirk suggested that I check this in.  So here it is.
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Absolute Essential and #1 Priority Tasks:
* Setup accounts
-Current Status: We can currently create local users according
to information received from tmcc. The main outstanding
issues is that our system is not intragrated into the normal
perl/emulab way of doing things and the password is the
default password.
Current Task:
-I am working on getting the testbed boot code to create users
using the Microsoft addusers.exe program. Right now I am
going to have a dependency on cygwin, hopfully that can go
away in the future.
-How do I figure out how the testbed code starts up?
-How do we store a password as a user accounts password that
has already went through the NThash algorithm?
-FreeBSD supports storing the NThash password hash, the code to
do this is in src/lib/libcrypt/crypt-nthash.c
-Kirk will work on getting the password to sync between Unix
and Windows
-Ideas Windows Services for Unix 3.0 is something that could
be looked into. The problem that we have with this software
is the documentation is just really poor
-Okay users now autocreate when Windows first boots!!! The
following is the current command I use inside of cygwin to
make "it" happen.
- $ cygrunsrv -I startupService -p /cygdrive/c/Python22/python.exe -c /cygdrive/c
/thesis -a "c:\thesis\"
-I am now working to get this to happen from the Perl Script.
So right now becuase we are not mounting directories like we
need to I created a local directory /proj, this should be
removed later.
-The script to start with is testbed/tmcd/common/rc.setup
-I am using /etc/testbed as the location to "put things"
-The perl script will now setup accounts and get things up and running
-We really need to get some kind of script to install the
emulab infestructore onto a Windows Node, or at least I need
to come up with a more systimatic way of setting this up from
a clean install of Windows.
Tasks Complete:
-I helped port TMCC to Windows and saw that the code was checked in
* Get the computer to change it's SID and hostname on bootup (Completion Date: 26 June)
-The SID is basically a private key generated for a machine
when Windows is installed. We will probably use
( to
change the SID.
-For the time being the SID will be created randomly if
the file "i_have_changed_the_sid" does not exist
-A weblink for info on SIDs
-Changing the hostname should be pretty straightforward, but I
have not yet tried to do this from a command line, and I am
unclear on exactly what the Windows "hostname" should be.
-I should also mention that without really ugly (and dangerous)
hacking setting this info this will require a
reboot. Personally I just don't think there is a safe way
around this issue at least with the current version of
Windows. Rebooting should add 1-2 min to the experiment
configure time. So if people have ideas then please let me
* Get the home directories to mount (Completion Date: 30 June)
-Our plan here is to use Windows Services for Unix and just
have Windows mount the NFS shares.
-There are various other ways that this could be done. We
could setup SAMBA on users or setup an active directory
Windows Server and there is probably a couple of other things
that would work that I am not thinking of now.
* Interface support (5 July)
-Interface's need to be setup "correctly"
* Write Report (15 July)
Things That Must Be Done, but After the "Absolute Essential tasks are done:
* idle daemon
* automatically software install (sysinstall or something else), maybe also do auto .tar.gz files
* startup commands
Things That Would Be Nice To Have:
* event system
* ipod
* traffic generation
* program objects
* node virtualization/link virtualization
* console login
* program objects
Things Kirk will look into:
* windows client support for elvin
* idle detection
* NFS -russ driving
* password syncing between Windows and Unix
Other notes:
We want to use cygwin as much as possible so we can keep the same source code base.
How are people going to want to use this? How much will they use specific features of Windows like "windows networking"?
Security of windows is going to be a concern among our users.
Are users going to want to use the Windows Clients to test performance?
Are users going to want Windows generating automated web traffic?
TMCC Notes:
[These are the TMCC commands that need to be used on windows, if the
TMCC command is not listed here it will not be supported. There is
also some notes about the command and what it will do in a windows
Environment, for the most part I will just use the already existing
Perl code to do this stuff. But I will not worry about merging my
changes back in someone else will take my work and make sure it is
correctly merged back into the system.]
ifconfig - match MAC address of the card with the interface in Windows
routing - add routes
state - "I am up"
nodeid - Returned result goes into a file.
startupcmd - path of stuff to execute
startstatus -whatever execs start command report w/start
reset - look to see if this is used anymore
routing - do
creator - This is something that should happen, but it might prove to
be quite difficult to change who you are in windows. Kirk will look
into this.
state - report state
isalive - do this
Time Synronozation
-Windows has the option to sync with an ntp server and should be
configured to sync with or boss. As a long term
goal it might be worth looking to supporting ntpinfo, and
Notes to self:
/usr/testbed/bin/tip.old -9600 pc35_tty
state - report state
isalive - do this
ntp info - long term -services
ntp drift - long term unix file
runas pg 649
changing SID
TMCC - creates users
Mount home directories
User directories u: drive
project directories p: drive
creates a service
set the host name
change SSIDE
setup accounts
get home directories to mount
merge TMCC
services for Unix
made up password
proper groups
ifconfig - match MAC address with interface
routing - add routes
turn on/off ip forwarding
goal 1 reboot
state - I am up
nodeid - goes in file
hostnames[V2] - wahtever one the scripts do
you want to use - maybe this is an end goal and then merge
look @ rpms
startupcmd - path of stuff to execute
startstatus - whatever execs startup command reports w/startcmd
reset - look to see if this is used anymore
routing -do
creator - look into something that should happen
$group $id $username @name
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