Commit 41c430f1 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Nit: old interval value for "batt" was never initialized so we wound up

with ugly "undefined variable" messages in the log.  Futureproof the
parent 2d2ce4f6
......@@ -436,12 +436,9 @@ sub setintervals($)
if ($retry{check});
my %oiv;
$oiv{check} = $iv{check};
$oiv{isalive} = $iv{isalive};
$oiv{drift} = $iv{drift};
$oiv{cvsup} = $iv{cvsup};
$oiv{rusage} = $iv{rusage};
$oiv{hkeys} = $iv{hkeys};
foreach my $key (keys %iv) {
$oiv{$key} = $iv{$key};
if ($tmccresults[0] =~
/INTERVAL=(-?\d+) ISALIVE=(-?\d+) NTPDRIFT=(-?\d+) CVSUP=(-?\d+) RUSAGE=(-?\d+) HOSTKEYS=(-?\d+)/) {
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