Commit 413b6954 authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson
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IMQ devices are now created dynamically

The IMQ driver has been patched to allow devices to be created
dynamically.  They will be automatically deleted when the container is
shut down, as will the macvlan devices.
parent 1ee4bc4b
......@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ sub vz_rootPreConfig {
# Ug, pre-create a bunch of imq devices, since adding new ones
# does not work right yet.
mysystem("$MODPROBE imq numdevs=$MAXIMQ");
mysystem("$MODPROBE imq");
mysystem("$MODPROBE ipt_IMQ");
# Create a DB to manage them.
......@@ -1268,6 +1268,10 @@ sub vz_vnodePreConfig {
foreach my $dev (keys(%devs)) {
if (! -d "/sys/class/net/$dev") {
system("$IP link add name $dev type imq");
if ($devs{$dev} == 1) {
mysystem("$VZCTL $VZDEBUGOPTS set $vnode_id --netdev_add $dev --save");
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