Commit 40cbf726 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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For plab endnode tracing, only start a single pcapper for all traffic

(i.e. not one for each direction).  Creates a single ".both" file rather
than ".recv" and ".xmit"
parent 8e63cd79
......@@ -234,14 +234,23 @@ sub doboot()
$optargs .= " -P " . (4442 + $idx);
if (! JAILED() && ! PLAB() ) {
my @directions = ("recv", "xmit");
if ( PLAB() ) {
# No point running pcapper for both directions as we cannot
# differentiate the direction anyway.
@directions = ("both");
elsif (! JAILED() ) {
# Need the ethernet address for the vnode so we can create an ether
# rule for tcpdump. We want to make sure that we get the correct
# packets. We want to capture just the packets from the source node
# for the link, both before the pipe and after the pipe. In this
# way, we prevent too much duplication of packets, but we also get
# to see how the dummynet pipes have affected te packets, since an
# to see how the dummynet pipes have affected the packets, since a
# packet will end up in the output twice; once before the pipe and
# again after the pipe. At the same time, we can also support
# asymmetric rules (remember, a duplex link has two queues).
......@@ -277,7 +286,7 @@ sub doboot()
my @cmd = split('\s+', "$PCAPPER -I $optargs $eventargs -t");
my @args = ();
foreach my $dir ("recv", "xmit") {
foreach my $dir (@directions) {
my $file = "/local/logs/trace_${vnode}-${linkname}.${dir}";
my $iface;
my $mac;
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