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<img class="centerimage" src="epc-diagram.png" width="600" height="390" />
<em>PhantomNet</em> is a mobility testbed, providing researchers with
a set of hardware and software resources that they can use to
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PhantomNet does the work of configuring the EPC software components
to operate within the underlying <em>Emulab</em> environment.
The following factors drive the development of the PhantomNet testbed:
<li>Exploration of traditional (EPC/3GPP) mobility platforms and variations therein</li>
<li>A toolkit for expressing mobility experiments / setups.</li>
<li>Access to and configuration assistance for real wireless hardware and mobile user equipment.</li>
<li>Flexibility to go "under the hood" and modify/augment traditional mobility componts, or replace them altogether.</li>
Some helpful links:<br>
<li><a href="">PhantomNet Wiki</a></li>
<li><a href="">OpenEPC Tutorial (registration/approval required)</a></li>
<li><a href="">OpenEPC Tutorial</a> (registration/approval required)</li>
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