Commit 3f7be859 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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If we cannot get the max extension from the cluster(s), then do not show

the extend modal, tell the user they cannot extend their experiment
until the cluster is back online, try again later. This is a stopgap, we
probably need a better way to handle transient failure in contacting
clusters when doing extensions.
parent 2e4b033d
......@@ -541,8 +541,10 @@ window.ShowExtendModal = (function()
var maxcallback = function(json) {
if (json.code) {"Failed to get max extension: " + json.value);
$(modalname).modal('show');"Failed to get max extension: ", json);
sup.SpitOops("oops", "Unable to contact the cluster(s) " +
"for this experiment, " +
"please try again later.");
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