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Shark support!

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......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ tb-set-ip-link $node0 $link1
tb-set-hardware <i>node</i> <i>type</i> [<i>args</i>].
tb-set-hardware $node3 pc
tb-set-hardware $node4 shark-shelf
tb-set-hardware $node4 shark
......@@ -134,11 +134,8 @@ tb-set-hardware $node4 shark-shelf
<li>Currently only <code>pc</code> and <code>shark-shelf</code> are
<li>Currently only <code>pc</code> and <code>shark</code> are
supported types. <code>pc</code> is the default type.
<code>shark-shelf</code> refers to a shelf of 8 sharks. In the near
future <code>shark-shelf</code> will be replaced with
<code>shark</code> which specifies that the node is a single shark.
<li>No current types have any additional arguments.
......@@ -294,36 +291,6 @@ tb-set-node-os $node1 MY_OS
operating systems over the network.
tb-set-dnard-os <i>shelf</i> <i>number</i> <i>os</i>
tb-set-dnard-os $shelf1 1 MY-SHARK-OS
<dt><i>shelf</i> - The shelf containing the shark.
<dt><i>number</i> - A number between 1 and 8 describing which shark.
<dt><i>os</i> - The id of the OS to set.
<li>This command applies to nodes of type <code>shark-shelf</code>
(see <code>tb-set-hardware</code> above). It will create an
error on a node of any other type.
<li>In the near future this command will vanish along with
shark-shelf's when we make ns node to shark a one to one rather
than one to eight mapping.
<li>The OS ID can either be one of the standard OS's or a custom OS
ID described by <code>tb-create-os</code>(see
below). In the latter case the <code>tb-create-os</code> command
must come before the <code>tb-set-node-os</code> command.
<li>The default OS for sharks is NBSD14-STD.
......@@ -420,26 +387,14 @@ tb-set-lan-loss $lan1 0.3
<p>The following commands will parse but do not do anything as yet.
tb-set-dnard-ip <i>shelf</i> <i>number</i> <i>ip</i>
<p>This command will probably vanish soon without ever having been
tb-set-node-deltas <i>node</i> <i>deltas</i>
tb-set-dnard-deltas <i>shelf</i> <i>number</i> <i>deltas</i>
<p>The second command will probably vanish like all the other dnard
commands in the near future. The first command will likely go through
some change and accompany a few other commands once we get delta
support going.
<p>This command will likely go through some change and accompany a
few other commands once we get delta support going.
<hr size=2 noshade>
<title>Utah Network Testbed - Testbed Specific ns Commands</title>
<link rel='stylesheet' href='../tbstyle-doc.css' type='text/css'>
<h1>Emulab - NS Testbed Commands</h1>
<p>There are a large number of sharks available for use in Testbed
experiments. Unfortunately, the sharks are greatly limited in their
topology. Sharks can only be used in groups of up to 8, connected to
each other via a 10Mb, no delay, no loss LAN, with a single link to
the rest of the topology.
<p>To use sharks in your experiment just set them up as normal nodes.
Use <code>tb-set-hardware</code> to set them to type
<code>shark</code> and make sure their topology adheres to the
conditions below.
<p>Any deviation from these conditions will result in an error.
<li>Any LAN containing sharks must be 10 MB, 0 latency, no loss.
<li>At most 8 sharks per LAN.
<li>No non-sharks directly in any LAN containing sharks.
<li>At most one link to any LAN containing sharks.
<li>No shark outside of a LAN.
<li>No shark with any links.
source tb_compat.tcl
set ns [new Simulator]
set s1 [$ns node]
set s2 [$ns node]
set s3 [$ns node]
set s4 [$ns node]
set n1 [$ns node]
tb-set-hardware $s1 shark
tb-set-hardware $s2 shark
tb-set-hardware $s3 shark
tb-set-hardware $s4 shark
set slan [$ns make-lan "$s1 $s2 $s3 $s4" 10Mb 0ms]
tb-set-ip-lan $s1 $slan
tb-set-ip-lan $s2 $slan
$ns duplex-link $slan $n1 100Mb .5ms DropTail
$ns run
<p>Note especially that <code>n1</code> is not in the LAN but linked
to it.
<hr size=2 noshade>
[<a href="">Emulab.Net Home</a>]<br>
[<a href="">Flux Research Group</a>]
[<a href="">School of Computing</a>]
[<a href="">University of Utah</a>]
<p align=right>
<font size="-1">
<a href=\"\">
Testbed Operations (</a>
Last modified on Mar 14, 2001
......@@ -13,7 +13,4 @@ proc tb-set-lan-loss {lan rate} {}
# The following commands are not clearly defined and probably will be
# changed or removed
proc tb-set-dnard-ip {shelf number ip} {}
proc tb-set-dnard-os {shelf number os} {}
proc tb-set-node-deltas {node deltas} {}
proc tb-set-dnard-deltas {shelf number deltas} {}
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