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At Keith Sklower's suggestion, list all of the supported switch types.

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......@@ -171,10 +171,19 @@ accomplished using the web interface. In 'red dot' mode, go to:
Set the "type" to something like 'cisco6509'. If the switch is running
IOS (rather than CatOS), then append '-ios' to the switch's type. Set
the "class" to 'switch' and set "processor" to whatever you used for
the "type" field.
These are the switch types currently supported:
For example, if you had a 6509, you'd enter 'cisco6509'
If your switch runs IOS (instead of CatOS), append '-ios' to the
The supported type is the 510T (but just put 'intel' in the type field)
nortel1100, nortel5510
foundry1500, foundry9604
(Note: Case sensitive!)
Set the "class" to 'switch' and set "processor" to whatever you used for the
"type" field.
Most of the other columns are not important for switches (so you can set
them to 0), but putting in "Max Interfaces" (if the switch is expandable)
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