Commit 3ec1c4f5 authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack
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When initializing next_uid it should be $uid + 1. When creating other

pseudo users, pull next_uid out of the db instead of relying on the
next avail unix uid.
parent 7c70bdf2
......@@ -113,6 +113,14 @@ if (!defined($encpass)) {
# Get uid for the user and a gid for the project
# For non-initial users, get the next available index.
$result = DBQueryFatal("select idx from emulab_indicies ".
"where name='next_uid'");
if ($result->numrows() > 0) {
($MINUID) = $result->fetchrow_array();
my $uid = $MINUID;
while (getpwuid($uid)) { $uid++; }
......@@ -160,7 +168,7 @@ if ($CONTROL ne $BOSSNODE) {
# Initialize the index value;
DBQueryFatal("replace into emulab_indicies set name='next_uid',idx=$uid");
DBQueryFatal("replace into emulab_indicies set name='next_uid',idx=$uid+1");
print "Creating user in database...\n";
DBQueryFatal("insert into users set uid='$protouser', usr_created=now(), " .
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