Commit 3e26f27d authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Minor bug fix; do not set a kernel command line on a virtual node.

parent da3b1786
......@@ -3106,7 +3106,8 @@ sub InitPnode($$)
$inner_elab_role = virtnodeelabrole($vnode);
$plab_role = virtnodeplabrole($vnode);
if ((!defined($cmdline) || $cmdline eq "")) {
if (!physnodeisvirtnode($pnode) &&
(!defined($cmdline) || $cmdline eq "")) {
# If the user hasn't overridden the command line, try to find a
# default for this OSID.
if (virtnodeneedslinkdelays($vnode)) {
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