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<li> <a href="#UTT-7">Are the nodes in my experiment backed up
<li> <a href="#UTT-Swapping">What is Swapping?</a>
<li> <a href="#UTT-8">How can I get switch statistics (such as packet
counts) for my experiment?</a>
<li> <a href="#HDS">Hardware setup</a>
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images. For that reason, you should not swap your experiment out
unless you make arrangements to save and restore any state you need.
<li><a NAME="UTT-8"></a>
<h3>How can I get switch statistics (such as packet counts) for my
We have a command called <code>portstats</code> that allows you access
to some of the port counters on our switches. To use it, you'll need
to ssh to <b></b>. '<code>portstats &lt;pid&gt;
&lt;eid&gt;</code>' will get you stats for all experimental interfaces in
your experiment. Run '<code>portstats -h</code>' to get a list of other
options, such as different sets of stats.
Note that the numbers returned by <code>portstats</code> do not get
reset between experiments.
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