Commit 3d26e4b3 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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When failing to remove experiment directory, try to rename it

parent 8616f37f
......@@ -784,11 +784,16 @@ sub Delete($;$)
print "*** WARNING: Not able to remove $userdir\n";
print " Someone will need to do this by hand.\n";
# Try to move the directory.
my $moved = (system("/bin/mv -f $userdir ${userdir}.$$") == 0);
# NFS errors usually the result. Sometimes its cause there is
# someone in the directory, so its being held open.
"Experiment::Delete: Could not remove directory",
"Could not remove $userdir.\n".
"Could not remove $userdir. ".
($moved ?
"Renamed to ${userdir}.$$ ..." : "") . "\n" .
"Someone will need to do this by hand.\n");
if (system("/bin/rm -rf $workdir")) {
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