Commit 3cf34a46 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Look for a binary specific to this release of FC - ie. 'iperf-FC2' or

parent 3604345f
......@@ -41,6 +41,36 @@ if( @ARGV < 1 ){
my $path = $ARGV[0];
# Find out what version of Fedora Core this node is running
open(FR, "</etc/fedora-release")
or die "Unable to open fedora-release file: $!\n";
my $release_string = <FR>;
my $fc_version;
my $os_string;
if ($release_string =~ /Fedora Core release (\d+)/) {
$fc_version = "$1";
$os_string = "FC$1";
} else {
die "Unable to determine Fedora release version from '$release_string'\n";
print "Running on OS $os_string\n";
# Symlink each binary to the appropriate version
foreach my $bin ("iperf", "iperfd", "fping") {
my $destbin = "$path/$bin";
my $sourcebin = "$path/$bin-$os_string";
if (-e $destbin) {
unlink $destbin or die "Unable to remove old $destbin: $!\n";
if (!-e $sourcebin) {
die "Missing required binary: $sourcebin\n";
if (!link($sourcebin, $destbin)) {
die "Unable to link $sourcebin to $destbin\n";
#system "sudo perl $path/ -e $expt -i $iperfport -d $path/ >/tmp/bgmon.log&";
system "sudo perl -I$path $path/ -e $expt -i $iperfport -d $path/&";
system "sudo rm $path/iperfd.out $path/iperfd.err";
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