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More verbiage on buddy lists and chatrooms.

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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ echo "If you decide to use your own Jabber client (which we recommend), then
<a href=>Google's Gaim</a>
tutorial to see how to get to the Add Accounts screen).\n";
echo "<ul>
echo "<blockquote><ul>
<li><b>Protocol</b>: Jabber
<li><b>Screen Name</b>: your Emulab user ID
<li><b>Server</b>: jabber.${OURDOMAIN}
......@@ -58,7 +58,24 @@ echo "<ul>
<li><b>Port</b>: 5222
<li><b>Connect server</b>: leave this field blank
<li><b>Proxy type</b>: Use Global Proxy Settings
echo "Of course, any Jabber compatable IM client can be used. The Google
page mentioned above has a nice list of clients, along with
instructions on how to configure them all. We suggest you use one of
those clients.\n";
echo "<br><br>
Once you connect to Emulab's Jabber server, you will find an initial
set of buddy lists, one for each project you belong too. Emulab will
maintain those buddy lists for you, adding and removing project members
as needed. Of course you are welcome to add your own buddies and buddy
lists; Emulab will not interfere with them.\n";
echo "<br><br>
The Emulab Jabber server also supports multi user <em>chatrooms</em>.
You are welcome to create chatrooms as needed. Simply use
<tt></tt> as the server hostname when prompted.\n";
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