Commit 3b4a1b38 authored by Srikanth Chikkulapelly's avatar Srikanth Chikkulapelly
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Fixed a bug in PolicyExists. It was calling FindNodesNs with xml string not with xml element.

parent d0258418
......@@ -327,8 +327,11 @@ sub PolicyExists($$)
return 0
if (!ref($credential) or !defined($policy));
my $extensions_elem = GeniXML::Parse($credential->{'extensions'});
return 0
if (!defined($extensions_elem));
my $policies = GeniXML::FindNodesNS("//n:policy_exceptions/*",
$credential->{'extensions'}, $GeniUtil::EXTENSIONS_NS);
$extensions_elem, $GeniUtil::EXTENSIONS_NS);
foreach my $epolicy ($policies->get_nodelist) {
if ($policy eq $epolicy->string_value) {
$exists = 1;
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