Commit 3aa90d6b authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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"Have the bootinfo server query check if a 'nobootinfo'

node_type_attribute is set for any nodes matching the requesting IP." or
"Fun with sql."
parent a1d6805a
......@@ -102,7 +102,14 @@ query_bootinfo_db(struct in_addr ipaddr, int version, boot_what_t *info)
" n.next_boot_osid=pnext.osid "
"left join os_info as onext on "
" onext.osid=n.next_boot_osid "
"where i.IP='%s'", 16, inet_ntoa(ipaddr));
"left outer join "
" (select type,attrvalue from node_type_attributes "
" where attrkey='nobootinfo' and attrvalue='1' "
" group by type) as nobootinfo_types "
" on n.type=nobootinfo_types.type "
"where i.IP='%s' "
" and nobootinfo_types.attrvalue is NULL",
16, inet_ntoa(ipaddr));
if (!res) {
error("Query failed for host %s\n", ipstr);
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