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Rewrite instructions for building the uClibc toolchain, and
change install location of source tarballs.
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This is the build tree for the Linux-based frisbee MFS.
In order to actually build anything, you'll need a whole bunch of source
tarballs. They can be found in ops:/share/linux/mfs/source. Just rsync
or scp that whole tree on top of the 'source' subdirectory in this tree.
This can probably only be compiled on a Linux machine.
To build, run "make build-env" to build the cross-compiling uClibc
toolchain. Then run "make target" to compile all of the source for the
To build the toolchain for the Linux MFS, do this ($ARCH is either
i386 or x86_64):
# cd testbed/mfs/linux_mfs
# scp ops:/share/linux/mfs/source tarballs
# tar xvjf tarballs/buildroot-20081211.tar.bz2
# cp source/buildroot/buildroot.config.$ARCH buildroot/.config
# cd buildroot
# make oldconfig
# make
Finally, run "make target-initramfs" to create a compressed cpio archive
suitable to use as an initramfs.
Once that's done, edit testbed/mfs/linux_mfs/Makefile and set the ARCH
variable appropriately, then run 'make initramfs'. If everything
works, the boot/ directory will have the kernel and initramfs.
The kernel is compiled but not installed anywhere. You'll have to pull
it out of the build tree for now.
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